Premium Commercial Real Estate Domains

We will provide you with one of our Premium domain names to assist you in getting to the top of the search engines with our Keyword Targeted domains.
[call for availability.]

We will put your new premium real estate domain name on our servers & provide you with one of our 9 page commercial real estate websites
or you can point your new domain to your own host and site.

Why spend $1,000's to buy a Premium domain?
You can get one of ours on a monthly basis for less then you probably spent at Starbucks this week.

Commercial Real Estate Websites

Whether you are getting one of our domains or you have your own; we have what you need!

Our 9 page, pre-built, commercial real estate template is designed on the famous WordPress technology platform. (VERY user friendly!)
Adding your listings, contact info., and text about yourself, your expertise and services is simple and easy with WordPress's user-friendly backend.

How easy is a WordPress website?
If you can read, click a mouse and at least hunt & peck type then you should have no problem using our WordPress websites.

With our Template you'll have unlimited listings & unlimited pages* and it is very easy for you to add your listing and then update them.

Why spend $1,000's of dollars to try to have someone build a site for you?
You'll then be forced to pay your designer every time you need to update a listing or page!

You can utilize our ready-to-go commercial real estate website for about $1 a day!

With our very low cost & no long term contract, you can't go wrong.

You will be able to ad a "Header" banner image to the top of your new site; it will give all your pages a very appealing look and feel
by using your specific area's local icons or beauty. [Recommended! A attractive cityscape photo perhaps?]

We will also provide you with Genesis "All in One S.E.O." that lets you easily optimize your website's pages & Even your photos
with titles, meta-tags & keywords; this will greatly assist you in getting to the top of the search engines!

We can help you highlight your commercial real estate business & increase your client base and sales!

Call to reserve your Premium domain name & commercial real estate website today!

*up to 1,000MB!